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Utilize Manufacturing Analytics to steer businesses ahead!

In most of the Manufacturing industries data bank is large, complex, and often fast-moving, and so it becomes difficult to process using traditional database analysis and management tools. The sources of data include CAD models, sensors, instruments, internet transactions, simulations—potentially, records of all the digital sources of information in the enterprise ..


By Sandeep Bhatt

Nov 16th, 2016

Balancing triangle of Productivity, Profitability and Quality of Service with real time analytics

They say that you can’t have your cake and eat it too! Well that holds good for most things around us. Take for instance, productivity, profitability and service quality in any resource intensive business. Wouldn’t it truly be a magic triangle if an optimal balance were to be achieved on all three parameters?! ..


By Vikas Gupta

Sep 20th, 2016

Optimize 10% Warranty Cost Yearly with Big Data Analytics

Manufacturing Analytics is a vast subject matter and the discussions around the same can be really detailed and absorbing. My mind goes back to an engagement revolving around warranty cost, for a global energy management specialist. This particular engagement concerned reduction of warranty claims costs by 6-10% for a yearly $400M warranty spend ..


By Vikas Gupta

Sep 19th, 2016

Listen to your Airport Passengers – are they happy?

Some food for thought. Surveys are a key channel to gauge customer satisfaction in any business and airports are certainly not an exception. Collection of surveys data and its analysis is increasingly becoming a key need for airports. As per a recent report (Airport IT Trends Report, SITA) 89% of all airports will use Business Intelligence (BI) to conduct service quality data analysis by 2017..


By Anupam Dasgupta

Feb 4th, 2016