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Improved Airline Marketing using Airport Analytics

Airport operators handle a tough business! One would say that all businesses are complex, why just airports?! Well yes, and NO! Let me illustrate. Airports have to allure passengers, but that’s just one part of the story. Modern times have brought in an evolved business landscape and airports can no longer expect airlines to knock on their doors requesting their permissions..


By Krishnamurthy S K

Dec 20th, 2015

Custom Component Development using Design Studio SDK

Executives’ demand for compelling visualization, intuitive analyses and engaging insights with a seamless user experience necessitates the need for BI custom add-ons or custom components. GrayMatter’s SAP Design Studio custom components address various BI needs like KPI indicators, metrics comparison, collaboration, rich visualization, enhanced slice & dice capability..


By Abhishek Srivastava

Aug 6th, 2015

What is the need for airport analytics?

Airports business has assumed gigantic dimensions over the last couple of decades or so. Changes in legislation and investment policies allowed private ownership in airports and consequent entrepreneurial spirit. At the same time technology took giant strides to be able to meet the business needs of airports. But how does Airport Analytics (AA+) come into the picture?..


By Mikko Sjöberg

Jul 17th, 2015

Boost non-aero revenues through smart advertising

A focus on non-aeronautical operations and revenue growth is crucial for airports today. Developing this area of airport operations has become even more important during economically challenging times. Although airport revenues are a function of number of passengers there are some areas of an airport’s non-aeronautical operations that can still generate ..


By Muhaimin Saidu

Jul 9th, 2015

Why did Chelsea win EPL 2014-15?!

AHow many times have you stared at the television screen, rooting for your favorite club to top the charts in the coveted English Premier League?! How often would you have cursed the goalkeeper for misjudging the trajectory? Or maybe fretted over the lack of form of the most prized defenders, or forwards for that matter. I am sure a lot of “what-if” or “only-if” runs ..


By Sateesh Jonnalagadda

2 Jun, 2015

Enhance your Airport Car Parking Revenues using Airport Analytics!

Being the Head – Commercial of a leading global airport, John has a keen sense of the pulse of non-aeronautical revenues. He is always on the hunt for smarter ways of increasing business and achieving or in fact exceeding the planned numbers! One of his favorite topics of discussion revolves around leveraging airport …


By Jarno Nousiainen

18 Jun, 2015

Turbo Charge your SAP Design Studio Applications!

Executives want to gauge their business through well-organized metrics and KPI’s to make timely, clear and consistent decisions. Key decision makers expect to view their dashboards depicting real-time data with minimal loading time, irrespective of type of device. In this blog I want to discuss how to design SAP Design Studio Applications (containing Pagebook or Tablets ..


By Sateesh Jonnalagadda

29th May, 2015

R You Ready for R?

ith terabytes of data at hand, every business is trying to figure out the best way to understand information about their customers and themselves. As the volumes of data continually grow, organizations of various domains around the world like financial, manufacturing, health care, retail, research – need powerful analytical models to make data-driven decisions In the year 1996, R came ..


By Tarun

25th Feb, 2015

Motor Insurance Pricing strategy using Advance Analytics

Today insurance companies are attempting to improve the bottom-line by containing cost which has very limited scope. While continuing driving the cost insurer must focus on innovative product pricing which is more market driven than the regulator. Some of the product segments are highly price sensitive ..


By Naushad Khan

28th Jan 2015

Decoding the Fundamentals Of Dashboard Design (FODD)

Ankit Patni, Our UI/UX Expert looks at every dashboard / Design with “Good, Bad and Ugly” perspective only. In his blog he explains about fundamental requirements in any given dashboard. He says “Good Dashboard design is important to increase user adaptation and also to prioritize the way information is being presented to the users. But the real challenge for a Designer..


By Ankit Patni

16th Jan 2015